Taliban attack father of former police officer in Kabul

Abdul Ahad, the father of a former police officer, claimed that Taliban forces attacked his house to search for weapons and a military vehicle in Kabul.

The man, who is living in Kabul police district 17, said the Taliban fired on his house and then began to beat him, Tolo News reported.

However, he said that his son surrendered his government weapon and vehicle, but the Taliban attacked their house.

Abdul Ahad said: "They told me 'your son was police, he had weapons. Give us the weapons and the car.' They beat me and imprisoned me at the police station."

Abdul Ahad asked for justice, saying such conditions cannot continue, the report said.

"They should defend my rights. No one should be allowed to attack people's houses and take people to prison," he said.

However, Taliban officials denied the claims.

Qari Safiullah, one of the Taliban's officials in Kabul Police district 17, said "Many military and civilians from the previous government live here, we have not yet gone to their houses and will not let anyone do it."

Meanwhile, a video posted on social media appears to show the Taliban entering a house without official documents in the Kabul police district, wounding a person.

Kabul residents asked the Taliban officials to not prosecute any government or military officials after announcing a "general amnesty."

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