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Use Brass and Copper and Keep Corona Virus Away

The surfaces of brass and copper are antimicrobial. These metals originally posses the quality to kill a wide range of microbes which are harmful and deadly within two hours or less.

The rapid antimicrobial action of these metals will help us to fight from many deadly diseases and with high degree of efficiency. It is the suggestion of the researchers that the surfaces made with copper and brass will reduce the transmission of this deadly infection.

80% of the disease are transmitted by touching the surfaces and if we make use of copper and brass alloys it will help in fighting with corona disease worldwide. According to researches, the metallic copper surfaces help in killing the microbes when in comes in contact and thus decreasing their populations. Literally this action is done in few minutes by causing damage to massive membrane just after a minute exposure. Within minutes millions of bacterial cells gets killed.

It is very important to note that only dry surfaces of copper are amazingly able to kill bacteria. Bacteria can easily be grown and reproduce in the wet environments. So always be conscious to keep dry copper surface for fighting with this infectious disease.

Make Use of Brass and Copper to Fight with Corona Disease :- 
It is said that a range of copper alloys and on copper the coronavirus is completely and rapidly inactivated. The virus gets completely and irreversibly destroyed when it gets exposure to copper.

So, researchers have concluded that in mass gathering or in communal area or at home we have to make use of antimicrobial copper surfaces in order to reduce the spread of respiratory corona virus and thus help in protecting the health of public.

Copper acts as a rectifying measure, which help in reducing the risk of this respiratory infection.

The irreversible and the rapid inactivation of the virus was observed on the surfaces of copper alloy or copper. In conjunction of good clinical practice and effective cleaning regimes the use of copper and brass will help in controlling the transmission of viruses.

Researchers has learned that exposure to surfaces like brass or dry copper alloy kills a wide spectrum fungi and bacteria permanently and inactivates the viruses permanently. Within 2 hours 99.9 percent of the viruses gets completely killed.

It has been suggested that, we must make use of copper alloy surfaces in homes, buildings and schools.

Though it is bit expensive to install but have the properties of disease fighters and use of copper and brass surfaces thus significantly lowers the death and infection rates overall.

You must put copper tape on the surfaces which are commonly touched, as copper has the properties to kill viruses.

Now its very hard to figure out that how many things in home, schools or in hospitals or in any other places need to be covered with copper to reduce the outbreak of corona virus, but some of the important and commonly touched shared items must be covered with copper surfaces to avoid spreading of this virus:

Covering these things with copper surfaces will definitely reduce the infection to 50%. If you want to protect yourself completely and forever then try to make use of these items in your home. It will give a royal look to your house and save you from the infection forever. 

Benefits of Drinking Water in a Copper Bottle!

1) Promotes healthy digestion
2) May aid weight loss
3) Helps your body to recover faster
4) Beneficial in slowing down the aging process
5) Promotes a healthy heart:
6) Provides protection against diseases and infections:

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