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COVID-19 World Map: 3,018,952 Confirmed Cases; 207 Countries; 207,973 Deaths

Globally, the number of total confirmed cases has exceeded 3 million.
WHO has published a technical guidance titled ‘Strengthening Preparedness for COVID-19 in Cities and Urban Settings’. The guidance supports local leaders and policy-makers in cities and other urban settings in implementing actions that enhance the prevention, preparedness and readiness for COVID-19.
The WHO Regional Office for Europe has highlighted the critical importance of patient rehabilitation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, has called for ‘all to put aside their differences, find common ground, and work together for the sake of humanity.’
The WHO Information Network for Epidemics (EPI-WIN) has rapidly built an innovative analysis capability to identify misleading sources, posts, and narratives, and predict rising areas of concern and information voids.

Risk Assessment
Global Level: Very High

Coronavirus Situation in Numbers


3,018,952 confirmed cases (66,276 new)
207,973 deaths (5,376 new)
European Region

1,406,899 confirmed cases (21,750 new)
129,311 deaths (2,882 new)

Regions of the Americas

1,213,088 confirmed cases (33,481 new)
62,404 deaths (2,193 new)
Eastern Mediterranean Region

176,928 confirmed cases (5,690 new)
7,304 deaths (156 new)

Western Pacific Region

146,720 confirmed cases (1,335 new)
6,037 deaths (39 new)

South-East Asia

51,351 confirmed cases (3,003 new)
2,001 deaths (84 new)

African Region

23,254 confirmed cases (1,017 new)
903 deaths (22 new)

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