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Petrol price up by 55.22% during Imran's tenure

Since August 17, 2018 when Imran Khan was sworn in as the countrys 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, petrol prices in the country have increased by 55.22 per cent, The News International reported.

The prices have surged from 95.24 PKR per litre to 147.83 PKR per litre as of January 15, 2022, an increase of 52.59 PKR in the per litre tariff of this commodity.

During the last 10 years or 120 months between January 16, 2012 and January 16, 2022 or the period when PPP, PML-N and PTI had all called the shots, the petrol prices have surged by 65 per cent from 89.54 PKR per litre to 147.83 PKR per litre currently, according to a research conducted by the Jang Group and Geo Television Network.

Oil priced have seen a sharp increase in the last 10 years and it is predicted that the price would keep rising this year.

It was predicted that the commodity price may cross $100 per barrel in the international market.

The petroleum prices in Pakistan also depend on prices in the international market, the report said.

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