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Urvashi Rautela Had This Epic Reply To Trolls For 45 Million Followers Celebration And Over Cricket.

Urvashi Rautela who is a Bollywood youngest superstar has paved her way in the industry because of her hard work and dedication. Urvashi is one of those personalities that has made India proud of her achievements and great deeds. With her breathtaking look and extraordinary appeal, this international actress has always fascinated all of her lovers. Some of the Bollywood divas have proved that they don't need any back support to carve out a niche for themselves. Their talents and personality are enough to show their worth in the industry. One such name of our industry is Urvashi Rautela. She is one of those Bollywood actresses who have achieved a name for herself not only nationally but internationally making India proud.

Urvashi is also known for her wit and quirky side and she once again showed that she is an intelligence queen. In one of her posts, a netizen trolled her about Rishabh Pant's century. The person commented "Pant ka 100 dekha ki nahi kal". Replying to the comment Urvashi took a sarcastic turn and wrote "Oh you mean pant (using a pant emoji). Ya I have seen that because everyone wears it. Also, Rs 100 I have seen inside it". Urvashi surely knows her way to slam the trollers and get back all strong at them. As we know Urvashi has been linked to cricketer Rishabh Pant due to their friendship in earlier days

Recently the actress reached a great milestone as she got 45 million followers on Instagram. She celebrated this great achievement by performing a dangerous stunt. She was seen sliding down a glass slide from a very high elevation and the best thing about it is that she never appeared scared or nervous during it.

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