Trailer out for Tamil time-loop sci-fi movie 'Jango'

The trailer of Tamil film 'Jango', billed as India's first "time-loop sci-fi movie", was released on Tuesday, raising the curiosity levels of movie-goers. The film is helmed by debutant director Mano Karthikeyan.

A time-loop film is one where characters experience the same period of time, which is repeatedly reset. In such films, when a certain condition is met, such as the death of a character or a clock reaching a certain hour, the loop starts again, with one or more characters retaining memories from the previous loop.

Several Hollywood movies experimented with the time-loop format, Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet', being one well-known recent example, but the makers of 'Jango' claim that it is a first for Indian cinema.

The trailer release marks yet another milestone in the movie's laborious progress to movie screens. The shoot was completed before the second lockdown and the post-production work was done after life returned to normal post Covid 2.0.

Mrinalini Ravi and Satheesh Kumar essay the lead roles in the action-thriller, and Ghibran has scored the music for the movie.

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