Tamil Vu Cinemas and New Born Productions jointly produce Devadas

Vu Cinemas and New Born Productions jointly produce Devadas

Thambi Ramaiah and Shahul Hameed jointly produce Ra. Mahesh debut directorial Devadas with Umapathy – Yogi Babu as the lead pair.

After the successful outings “Athaakappattathu Mahajanangale”, “Maniyaar Kudumbam” and “Thirumanam” Umapathy joins hands with Yogi Babu once again for Devadas.

Yogi Babu, hailed as the 'Confident Star' by Tamil Cinema, plays a wacky role throughout the movie.

We all know, human life is made of good and bad. What happens when an extraordinarily good and an extraordinarily bad thing happens to a person at one go, forms the plot of this movie.  The director has handled this emotional story with a piquant touch of humor and thrill.   

Everybody watching this film will be able to reflect the memories that they met, enjoyed, and faced in many stages of their life.

Manisha Yadav, ‘Sakaa’ Aira join hands with Umapathy in key roles for this movie. 

Cinematographer Yuga adds depth to the movie, while Dinesh scores the music. Ruben is trusted with the editing.

Cast and Crew:
Umapathy Ramaiah
Yogi Babu
Manisha Yadav
Production - Vu Cinemas and New Born Productions
Ra. Magesh: Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction
Ruben: Editing
Yuga: Cinematography
Thamarai & Rokesh: Lyrics 

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