Society shouldn't give up on accepting LGBTQ+ community: Rashmi Agdekar

Actress Rashmi Agdekar, who plays a homosexual character in the series ‘Dev DD, feels that while the discussion around the LGBTQ+ community has started in the society, we still have a long way to go.

She also feels that it is important not to stop the movement.

"Our cultural and societal values are deep-rooted. A change in such a society can't happen overnight, but we are having an open conversation about the existence and rights of the LGBTQA community, which is a step in the right direction. There are definitely a lot of problems and we are far away from making a safe place for them. This will take time, but we shouldn't give up and learn to be better allies to the community," Rashmi told IANS.

The actress, who plays the character of Chandni in both parts of the series, also asserted that playing a homosexual character in the series made her more aware and responsible as a citizen.

"My character was welcomed very well, it gave me a sense of responsibility for representing the LGBTQA community through my work. I am happy that I could support them in my little way," she said.

The actress added: "It is a very important and correct step towards the inclusion of the community. The introduction and conditioning of these concepts from an early age will make it a safe space for children to not only come out, but also be accepting of those with different sexual orientations. After all, they are the future of this world."

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