STR’s non-stop shoot for Hansika Motwani starrer ‘Maha’

The shooting schedules of Hansika Motwani starrer ‘Maha’ has been
happening on full swing as planned on its pre-production phase.
Despites the challenges involved, the team is proficient enough to
proceed perfectly on its course of action. Currently, the entire team
is shooting across the sun baked coastal paradise of Goa. Of course,
the social media pages are flooded with surprisal enthrallments to see
STR’s presence in the project. More than all, it’s producer
Mathiyalagan of Etcetera Entertainment, who is pretty much exhilarated
about his incredulously joyful experience of working with him.

He says, “As planned for a 8-day schedule, we are now on the third day
shooting continuously in Goa. It’s quite hectic as we have to shoot
across 5 different locations every day. This schedule has episodes
involving STR and Hansika Motwani that includes a song, action block,
romantic episodes, party, break up and patch up sequences to be shot.
While the progress of shoot is offering me a strong lease of
satisfaction, what’s exciting me are the moments with STR, which are
completely in contrast to hearsays from certain people that he would
pose as burden to producers. Right from Day 1, I am relishing each and
every gesture of his. We couldn’t manage to get a proper caravan and
were so much doubtful if STR would create an issue. To our surprise,
he just said, “Sir, this isn’t going to come onscreen, right. Let us
focus on what’s going to be filmed.” We had to continuously shoot from
12 p.m. to 12.30 a.m. Despites the late pack up, he came up with an
aplomb attitude and asked what time he should be for the shoot.
Getting such an actor is a big boon to budding producers like us. As
we were trying to commute caravan from Mumbai to Goa, he just told us
not to worry and took rest inside the Innova car until the
preparations on the sets were done. Moreover, he used to voluntarily
come out and check if everything is fine and his childlike curiosity
of asking if the shot is okay left us awestruck. My humble request to
all producers is that just come and travel with him. He isn’t asking
you to be there on the sets all the time, but just understand his
requirements and he’s yours. Despites the unbearable heat and terrible
sweating, he is travelling all over the places for the shoot. On her
part, Hansika Motwani is doing a great job and is totally cooperative.
Their chemistry is working out perfectly. Director Jameel is excellent
with his directorial skills and is handling every pressure and
challenges with coolness and so is cinematographer Lakshman. The
entire team comprising of young people are spreading positive and
energetic vibes completely.”

Soon after completing this schedule, the entire team will fly back to
Chennai. ‘Maha’ is produced by V. Mathiyalagan for Etcetera
Entertainment. The technical team includes Ghibran (Music), J. Laxman
(DOP), J.R. John Abraham (Editor), Manimozhian Ramadurai (Art
Director), Karky (Lyricist), Sheriff-Poppy (Choreographer), Reshma
Sancheti-Archana Mehta (Costumes).

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