Nanjil Sampath on Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja

Sivakarthikeyan Productions’ Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja has set
its benchmark of spotlights with its vigorous promotions. The entire
family of Tamil YouTubers is consistently involved in spicing up the
impact that is trending on all social media platforms. But guess who’s
making more news in town now? It’s none other than politician turned
actor Nanjil Sampath. Even before his embarkation of showbiz journey,
he has been a trending icon for his abrupt and spontaneous statements.
In fact, his trademark line “Thuppuna Thodachikuven” became an
overnight mantra and today, it’s been one among the popular T-shirt
merchandizes as well.  Nanjil Sampath hilariously refers saying,
“During one of the interviews with a news channel, I had this said
abruptly, which I never expected would return back as Boomerang with
humorous appeal. The funniest part is that I had to go for numerous
takes in getting these lines properly delivered.”

Jokes apart, Nanjil Sampath has high valued opinions about filmmaker
Karthik Venugopalan. “What I liked about him is his nature of being a
‘Karma Yogi’, who is so much focused about his goals and getting it
accomplished at any cost. Finding a person like Karthik is not an easy
thing in today’s world. He is an altruist and socially responsible,
who has more concern for the society.”

Nanjil Sampath who will be seen playing a politician in this film
thanks Sivakarthikeyan and the entire team of ‘Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu
Odu Raja’ for giving an opportunity. “Sivakarthikeyan Thambi is a
perfect Gentleman and is so much dedicated towards his profession. Rio
Raj has a very charismatic look, which will definitely make him the
lovable star in town. Naturally, he is already the favourite of
everyone for his successful journey as TV anchor and small screen
artiste. With Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja, he will become a great

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