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Naga Chaitanya, Samantha and Shiva Nirvana film ‘Majili’ Teaser Launch

Naga Chaitanya, Samantha and Shiva Nirvana film ‘Majili’ Teaser Launch

‘Majili’ starring Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha in the lead roles, had its teaser launch on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

The teaser shows Naga Chaitanya in two different roles. One as a young cricketer and second as a middle aged man with beard. He makes a good impression in both the roles.

Actress Samantha is seen in a middle-class Telugu girl whose role is packed with innocence and loves her husband unconditionally

Written and directed by Shiva Nirvana, the emotions in the teaser are handled well. Divyansha Kaushik is the second female lead role. The film comes with caption ‘There Is Love… There Is Pain’

Few dialogues from the teaser
“నువ్వు నా Room లోపలికి రాగలవేమోగాని...  నా మనసులోకి  ఎప్పటికీ  రాలేవు...!
నీకో సంవ్సతరం time ఇస్తున్నాను... ఈలోగా Sachinఏ అవుతావో... సోంబేరి అవుతావో.., నీ ఇష్టం
ఒక్కసారి పోతే మళ్ళీ తిరిగి రాదు.. అది వస్తు ఐనా.. మనిషి ఐనా...
వెధవలికి ఎప్పుడూ మంచి పెళ్ళాలు దొరుకుతారని నువ్వే Prove చేసావ్"

Music is composed by Gopi Sundar and suits perfectly to the pleasing visuals while Vishnu Sarma’s cinematography’s outstanding.

Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi are producing ‘Majili’ under Shine Screens banner, the production values are grand and top notch. 

Majili is slated for release on April 5th.

Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Divyansha Kaushik, Rao Ramesh, Subbaraju, Posani Krishna Murali

Written & Direction: Shiva Nirvana
Producers: Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi
Banner: Shine Screens
Music: Gopi Sundar
Cinematographer: Vishnu Sarma
Art Director: Sahi Suresh
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Action: Venkat

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