Meena inaugurates The Lash, South India's first exclusive Lash destination

Meena inaugurates The Lash, South India's first exclusive
Lash destination

Kollywood star Meena launched The Lash, South India's first
exclusive Lash studio by Renuka Praveen. The launch event was a glitzy
affair which was attended by many celebrities, fashionistas socialites
and lifestyle bloggers from the city.

All of us love long, fluttery, fuller lashes. Don't we? Eyelash
extensions, a trend that has sprung up over the past few years, has
taken care of that for us! They can make your eyes pop when you're
wearing a smokey-eye or can cut down on mirror time. The Lash, by Renuka Praveen, is dedicated to offering clients the
latest in eyelash extensions and lash lifts.

So what are eyelash extensions?
These are individual lash extension treatments that give you the
appearance of fuller, thicker, voluminous lashes. If you are looking
for fuller lashes all day long, then lash extensions are the ones.

Unlike gluing a strip of temporary, fake lashes onto your lash line,
semi-permanent lashes are applied by a technician who hand-glues the
extensions on top of your natural lashes, They are light enough not to
weigh your own lashes down. The effect is magical; imagine fluttery
dramatic lashes without messy mascara.

Each set of eyelash extensions is unique and customized based on the
condition of your natural lashes.

The Lash Studioin also offers 2D, 3D and 4D Lash extensions. Our
premade fans will give your clients luxuriously full, feathery-soft,
fluffy, and glamorous, but natural looking voluminous sets of

 2D, 3D, 4D Lashes is a modified eyelash design for Volume Lashes
(also called pre-made volume fans). One lash consists of two (2) three
(3) or four (4)  and extremely lightweight pre-fanned lashes carefully
applied to every single lash.

What are Lash Lifts?
Lash lift works on your natural lashes at the root by lifting and
curling them. We can tint your lashes, if needed! This gives you the
appearance of longer, thicker lashes and a layer of mascara will
amplify the oomph factor. The procedure takes anywhere between 45
minutes - 60 minutes and lasts for 4 weeks.

The Lash is founded by Renuka Praveen, a certified lash
artist from UK. She specialises in lash extensions and lash lifts.
Located on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, The Lash Studio and its team of
beauty experts are primed to work their magic.

"When I moved to Chennai, two years ago, I realised there were no
exclusive lash studio here like in the other countries and it was
difficult to find a qualified lash technician in Chennai. I was an
addict myself to lash extensions when I lived in The UK and I was
wearing my volume lashes for almost 3 years. Every month I would go to
get my infills done religiously from my lash technician. So when I
moved to Chennai, it was disappointing that no one actually had a lash
studio and that’s when I decided to start my own business on lashes
here", says Renuka.

Renuka Praveen travelled to Bristol (UK) and completed a special,
certified course on eye lash extensions and lash lifts. After working
as a freelancer for years, she decided to open a studio to make it
easier for her clients.

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