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Mammootty’s ‘Mamangam’ on 21st Nov

Embarking on his journey as an actor before 40 years and having been a part of more than 300 movies, Mammootty has been the cynosure of Pan-Indian audiences. His diversified roles and prowess performances have been an epitome of inspiration. Especially, the outstanding movies he has delivered in Telugu like Swati Kiranam and Yatra have made Telugu people own him. Moreover, whenever All-through the journey since Malayalam Cinema has attempted to take a leap for reaching a higher stature, he has significantly been a part of it. Not to forget his magnum opuses like Pazhassi Raja, which were highly acclaimed beyond the territories of God’s own country. Significantly, the actor’s upcoming film ‘Mamangam’ has already created sensational waves in the Indian film panorama for the ethnic values and cultural history it carries. From the magnificently glorious set works to the breathtaking action sequences that are based on the world’s most ancient form of martial arts – Kalaripayattu, which originated from this land,  what’s more going to be more enthralling is the iconic actor Mammootty appearing in a role that is laced with mysteries and multiple looks.

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