Kadala Poda Ponnu Venum

For an artiste, who has always been a part of the industry from
childhood, they has always been a special unconditional bonding
between the two. We have come across many such illustrations, where
the child artistes have gained the love and affection of family crowds
and eventually had a good reception for their escalation into
heroines. It’s absolutely the same with actress Manishajith, who is
now curiously awaiting the release of her forthcoming film “Kadala
Poda Ponnu Venum.”

Speaking about her of journey of long association with the film
industry, Manishajith says, “My debut film was Gambheeram, where I was
seen playing the role of Sarathkumar sir’s daughter. Later I had
appeared in nearly 40 films as child artiste. My first ever film
featuring me in female lead role was Nanbargal Kavanathirku that had
Sanjeev in lead character followed by Kamarkatt and my other film
Aandal is ready for release shortly. If I am to talk about my current
film “Kadala Poda Ponnu Venum”, then ennobling it as a film with
different theme and treatment would be the perfect definition. The
entire team is so much talented and is an expertise in their
respective department. While working with Azhar, it was completely fun
filled as he would never miss to keep you in laughter riot mode
continually. When it comes to director Anand, he is completely focused
and determined about what he wants. It’s common that artistes like us
would always try to showcase our style of performances, but he would
have envisaged what to expect from artistes even before walking into
the sets. He would never hesitate to enact us and show for the
betterment too. It has been a wonderful journey working with entire
team as they treated my like their own family member and gave me more
space to learn new things”.

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