Director Vijay on Watchman

Much alike the famous entitlement ‘Jack of all Trades’ goes, ‘Master
of all Genres’ happens to be the most celebrated ennoblement in
showbiz. Naturally, not all filmmakers get such a privilege of
carrying this brand, but filmmaker Vijay has engraved a trenchant mark
by experimenting with different genres. Moreover, it’s not merely
about experiments, but proving the proficiency effortlessly. Having
endeavoured from intense thrillers, Romance in period backdrops and
comedy capers, he is all set to unleash his potentials into new
terrain through ‘Watchman’.

With the trailer and promo song conquering the family audiences
overnight,  it gradually leaves anyone to guess on what actually
inspired him to make a film of this sort. In contrast, director
surprises us saying, “To be precise, I have been attempting to make
films based on different genres from the very beginning of my career.
I had an impulsive thought of making a thriller with a dog playing
main lead role alongside a well known hero. So, it all paved way for
the origin of ‘Watchman’.”

On relating the film’s title and its relevance to the film’s theme, he
says, “By now, I am sure audiences would have known it by themselves.
It’s a thriller film that is set against the time of 2 days and the
dramatic play is about the characters bouncing upon each other.”

While speaking about the reason behind casting GV Prakash in lead
role, Vijay adds, “GV Prakash and I have been through a long journey
of association. We have worked together in 11 movies and his musical
spell has been icing of cake. Soon after watching him in Bala sir’s
Nachiyaar, I was totally stunned over his performance. I couldn’t
think about anyone than him.  He had a very tough time shooting for
this film as it involved high-risk challenges. Especially to shoot
with a dog demanded for lots of patience and if not for GV Prakash’s
cooperation, this would have not been possible.”

GV Prakash Kumar has attempted newfangled style of BGM for this film
and his promotional song is already trending over online and social
media platforms. Nirav Shah and Saravanan Ramasamy together have
created visual magic through their cinematography. Produced by
Arunmozhi Manickam, the film’s worldwide release is scheduled on April
12, 2019.

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