Chiyangal – Journeying down the foothills of joy and emotions

Chiyangal – Journeying down the foothills of joy and emotions

Human emotions have no age barriers and it’s all about living the
moments. The childlike innocence and joyful nature are always ready to
open up its door for the ones willing to enter its kingdom. Such
paradisiacal moments are mostly occurring into the old ages, where the
life comes to a circle. CHIYANGAL is about one such loveable tale
revolving around these characters with dewy-eyed innocence and pure
hearts. It happens that a film owning characters of purity and
innocence has heavenly backdrops. Filmmaker Vaigarai Balan has
significantly chosen the foothills of Western Ghats, where the towns
and villages are soaked dews and misty purity.

Filmmaker Vaigarai Balan says, “The film is based on the inspirations
of what I have seen growing up. We have tried introducing around 70
new faces in the film and all of them were given training for a longer
phase. Except for 4-5 familiar faces, all of them are newbies. We have
shot the film across the village located 40Kms from Theni. We had to
travel such a long distance and could shoot only for 2-3 hours a day.”

While elaborating on the film’s title “CHIYANGAL” and its significance
with the film, he adds, “Chiyan is the word the people across few
areas in Southern Tamil Nadu usually use to address the old people in
their neighborhood. We have tried the beautiful lives of the people
here that involve joy, pain, emotions and sentiments.”

Produced by Karikalan for KL Production, the film has been shot nearly
for 70 days and is now gearing up for release. The film’s technical
crew comprises of cinematographer I.E.Babu Kumar (Zero fame) and
editor Mabbu Jyothi Prakash (Kodi fame).

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