Bhanu Sree plays Jai’s love interest in Jai’s Breaking

Actress Bhanu Sree became an overnight popular personality beyond the
boundaries and language barriers. Thanks to her presence in Telugu
Bigg Boss 2, which had the public glares of Tamil territories too. Now
the actress is all set to make her debut in K-Town through Jai’s
“Breaking News”, a fantasy entertainer.

“I am playing Jai’s love interest who literally falls in love due to
his innocence on my first sight, marries him and later get separated
due to our ego and stubbornness. Although, I am playing a single role,
my character will have lots of layers to it. Initially, I would be
seen as a girl of more ebullience and hyper-spirited nature. However,
I become more reserved and calm inclined to traditions with
girl-to-next door looks after my marriage to protagonist,” says Bhanu

Curiously hit by the hint she dropped about her character being
separated from spouse, we tended to ask the reason. She abruptly says
with laughter, “What audiences have got to watch then, if I am going
to reveal each and every thing. As far as I can say, Breaking News is
a fantasy Action film that revolves around an ordinary man transformed
into superhero for the welfare of society. This isn’t merely a film
that to get away simply with graphics and visual treat, but has an
emotional package and good message to carry back home.”

While giving an inherent experience working with Jai and the team
‘Breaking News’, she says, “Despites his stardom, Jai is so humble and
down to earth. He is so helpful and supportive to his co-artistes.
Film Director Andrew Pandian is a man of perfect clarity. He has been
delivering exactly of what he narrated.” Bhanu Sree has already
completed shooting 15 days for the film and will have her next
schedule in Chennai.

The film that involves 90mins of top-notch CG works is Supervised by
Vfx Supervisor V Dinesh Kumar with 450 CG Technicians world wide
produced at a whopping budget by Nagercoil based Thirukadal Udhayam.
Johnny Lal is handling cinematography and editing is done by Anthony.

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