Atharvaa Murali on Boomerang

An actor’s fan base keeps increasing for two reasons - charismatic appeal and another for being part of content-driven films.  A Glimpse into the filmography of Atharvaa Murali clearly signifies this and his upcoming film ‘Boomerang’ scheduled for March 8 release has already prepared the audiences to experience a wholesome entertainer with a compelling content in the backdrops. 

As always, Atharvaa maintains a low-key in not speaking about the tough experiments he had to go through and instead praises director Kannan. “More than his filmmaking proficiency, Kannan sir owns lots of unique skills that stand out to be a rare quality. His vivaciousness in diving into unexplored terrains of social issues is one among them. We have come across lots of socio-commercial entertainers over the years, which have dealt with the contemporary issues.  However, I felt the premise of ‘Boomerang’ completely unparalleled when he narrated me the script. As we have already revealed, the theme is about Interlinking of rivers in India, which has been the highly debated topic over the years.”  This propelled us to ask him if Kannan has something to preach or convey a message. “All that I can say is that Boomerang is a pure entertainer, which will have the equal dose of fun, romance, emotions and entertainment together. Furthermore, Kannan sir has implemented some surprise elements in the script, which was indeed a fresh and new to me,” says Atharvaa Murali. 

While speaking about others in the star-cast, Atharvaa says, “I have always believed in being part of good movies and personally feel that for a film to be perfect, every actor irrespective of their screen time gets due prominence. In this manner, Kannan sir has done a remarkable work on shaping the characters. Be it RJ Balaji, Upen Patel, Megha, Induja or anyone, they have been given justified roles.” 

Getting on with the technical team, “Radhan’s songs have created a unique feel and he keeps upgrading himself with strong and impactful BGMs from one film to the other. Cinematographer Prasanna Kumar’s innovative play with colours and tones are so much evident. We used to make funny comments on his work saying that his camera is like Chameleon that keeps changing its colour according to the situation of script.”

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