Arslan Goni was skeptical about playing negative role in 'Main Hero Boll Raha Hun'

Actor Arslan Goni is currently seen playing the negative character of Lala in the series "Main Hero Boll Raha Hun". However, he shares that he wasn't confident about taking up such a character at first.

"I was skeptical about playing the negative role but (producer) Ekta (Kapoor) was sure about me as Lala, and I am very glad whatever creative freedom I had to play a negative character, I wouldn't have that in a positive character. I could add on to my emotions and expressions and had a space to explore Lala in his own form," Arslan tells IANS.

The actor also believes that working in an OTT show has its perks.

"Acting on an OTT platform we don't need to filter any emotions, it can be raw and justifiable. Ekta was also happy with my performance, it was a very interesting character to play as I have never ventured into something like this before, " says Arslan.

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