Aadar Jain: Want kids to love 'Hello Charlie'

Actor Aadar Jain hopes children are entertained by his upcoming film "Hello Charlie". The film is billed as a comedy for all ages.

"I really hope everyone loves the film and connects with the story. It's a one-of-a-kind story never been told before, with a gorilla. It will make you laugh and feel happy especially in these times of distress," Aadar claimed.

He added: "I want the kids and children to be entertained through this film as all of last year they have been stuck at home and not going to school. This is a small gift to them and I hope they connect with it."

"I definitely want the audience to love me and appreciate my performance. I have worked very hard on it. I just hope they connect with the film. It is a family film made to make you laugh, feel good and special, I hope they all connect with it and give it a chance because it is a special film," he said.

Aadar speaks about his interesting rehearsal process because it involved delivering comic punches, dancing, and matching steps with someone dressed as a gorilla!

"I had a really cool and different experience dancing with the gorilla. It's the first time I am dancing with an animal as a co-star so that was really interesting. We rehearsed for three days with the gorilla and then we went on set. We improvised and changed a lot of steps," he said.

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