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'Yevadu Takkuva Kaadu' to release on May 24

A Telugu proverb says that one has to search for the lost thing where
it was lost.  An aphorism exhorts us to bounce up where we have met
with failure.  A youngster strives to come up in life at a market
place.  He may be too young but he stands up to the might of
heavyweights.  What did the entrenched interests do to the gutsy
youngster?  How did the guy and his cohorts face the challenge?  Who
won the war in the end?  Answers to these questions will be answered
in 'Yevadu Takkuva Kaadu' on May 24.  It is coming in the direction of
Raghu Jaya.

The film stars Vikram Sahidev as the main lead.  It's coming with the
caption 'A story of Brave Heart'.  Produced by Lagadapati Sridhar on
Ramalakshmi Cine Creations and presented by Lagadapati Sirisha, the
film has got U/A certification.  It's all set to release on May 24.

Producer Lagadapati Sridhar says, "All the songs and promotional
videos have got a terrific response.  The story infuses the elements
of revenge and anger.  There is also a beautiful love story in it.
Director Raghu Jaya has made it as a slice-of-life movie.  It's both
realistic and raw.  Everybody is saying that Vikram Sahidev's acting
and dialogue-delivery in the Trailer are so good.  He is looking
aggressive.  Director Sukumar garu appreciated him while unveiling the
trailer recently.  We are hoping that the audience will bless Vikram
after watching the movie.  'Yevadu Takkuva Kaadu' will impress all
sections of audience."

Priyanka Jain is the heroine.  Raghu Karamanchi has a key role.  Hari
Goura is the music director.

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