'Hollyoaks' star Stephanie Waring misses intimate scenes due to Covid curbs

 Actress Stephanie Waring, who is part of the show "Hollyoaks", says she has not been able to shoot intimate scenes for the show owing to Covid restrictions.

The actress adds that she has always enjoyed the chemistry that her character Cindy Cunningham shares with Luke Morgan, essayed by Gary Lucy.

"They got it right with Cindy and Luke, the chemistry between them is so real, because I've known Gary for 20 years. It's a shame - Gary and I agreed that Cindy and Luke would always kiss, hold hands or hug, and we can't do that anymore. I hope we can start snogging again soon," she told Inside Soap Magazine, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

In fact, she adds that she would love Cindy to marry Luke one day. However, she doesn't want this to happen during the pandemic.

"I would love a wedding -- however, not while we're filming the way we are. The wedding would need to be a grand affair -- it would be Cindy's sixth time, so she wouldn't need a rehearsal," she said.

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