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"Operation GoldFish" Success Meet

Audience are giving positive reviews for 'Operation Gold Fish': Saikiran Adivi
The success event of 'Operation Gold Fish', directed by Saikiran Adivi, was held on Saturday in Hyderabad.  Released this Friday, the film has been received to a positive response from the audience.
Speaking on the occasion, Aadi Saikumar said, "The film has been getting a lot of applause.  Everyone is saying that it's very good.  The feedback for my performance as Arjun Pandit is great.  I did this film feeling very proud every day.  My friends and family members are very happy.  The collections are also very good."  
Director Saikiran Adivi said, "The talk is very positive across all centres where our film released.  So many worked really hard for this success.  Abburi Ravi, Aadi Saikumar and other cast and crew members did a phenomenal job.  Cinematographer Jaipal Reddy, music director Sricharan and Aditya Music have stood as great pillars of support.  I am very happy about the audience's response.  Their reviews are amazing."
Parvatheesam said, "Everybody who has watched the movie is loving it.  I urge them to spread positive talk.  I hope the collections will only go up from the second day."

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