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Microsoft cancelled Andromeda OS for dual-screen devices

 Tech giant Microsoft was reportedly working on a Surface device powered by a custom Windows OS before the firm turned to Android for its Surface Duo

The company was working on a version of Windows 10 Mobile designed for dual-screen phones code-named Andromeda OS, it was scrapped when Microsoft gave up on Windows Mobile.

Now, Windows Central has disclosed an early test version of Andromeda OS running on a Lumia 950.

As per report, Andromeda OS was not designed Lumia 950, but some Microsoft engineers used these devices to test parts of the operating system.

The operating system retains a Windows 10 Mobile-style user interface that includes a tile-based Start Menu, Quick Settings panel, and Settings app.

With this OS, the user is able to begin taking notes directly onto the lockscreen UI just by putting pen to screen.

In addition, Andromeda OS was also gesture based. The on-screen Start and Cortana buttons would disappear when opening an app to provide a full-screen experience.

The brand was also working on Surface Neo, a larger dual-screen device powered by Windows 10X. That project ended with the cancellation of Windows 10X last year.

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