KGMU gets 1st of its kind haematology clinic

The King George's Medical University (KGMU) has launched a first-of-its kind clinic for preventive haematology.

The clinic will operate every Saturday at the department's outpatient door (OPD) chamber and people having predisposition to blood-related disorders can get themselves checked for preventive treatment and consultation.

Besides offering treatment and counselling to patients with blood disorders and those having traits or probability of developing such disorders, the clinic will also reach out to other patients in the university's hospital to spread awareness on the issue.

Prof A.K. Tripathi, head of haematology department, said, "Blood related disorders can be prevented by taking certain measures. For example, anaemia is caused due to deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 or folate and drug induction can be prevented through diet and medication."

He further said that genetic blood disorders like thalassemia and haemophilia can be diagnosed at an early stage and prevented from aggravating.

"There is also a possibility that parents suffering from thalassemia or haemophilia can pass it on to their children. We can find out whether the unborn child is suffering from any of the two disorders through a hemogram test on the foetus during pregnancy.

"If the severity of the disorder is less, preventive measures can be taken to keep it under control after birth. However, if severity levels are high, parents can be counselled to terminate the pregnancy because either the baby will not survive or her/his life will be miserable," he said.

KMGU vice-chancellor Lt. Gen. Dr Bipin Puri said the initiative will support the national goal of anaemia free India.

"Awareness will help people suffering from blood disorders to report early, thus preventing the disease from aggravating and taking a toll on psychological, physical and financial health," he said.

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