Greville Festoon necklace worn by Camilla has five diamond strings - worth a huge £8m

CAMILLA, DUCHESS OF CORNWALL has an impressive jewellery collection and is rarely seen without her favourite pieces, such as a personalised gold bracelet and a blue cotton friendship bracelet. But on more formal occasions, Camilla has been seen wearing valuable jewellery belonging to the Queen.

'A true style icon!' The Crown to show Diana’s style evolution - 'from cutesy to sexy'

SERIES five of Netflix's The Crown will not be released until next year, but fans have already been treated to a few photographs of the new series' Princess Diana, played by Australian actor Elizabeth Debicki. What were they like and what can we expect from the new series in terms of fashion?

Kate’s Nizam of Hyderabad necklace is most expensive royal jewel in the world

THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE has a vast jewellery collection containing extremely valuable pieces, many of which have been passed down to her by the Queen. But one jewel stands out from the rest: the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace.

The Queen's £207k engagement ring has link to Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle

THE QUEEN married Prince Philip 74 years ago in 1947, and the royal couple enjoyed over seven decades of marriage together.

Kate Middleton's £250k wedding dress made Alexander McQueen most successful brand

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN wedding dresses are now the most popular wedding dresses for celebrities, and it's all down to one royal in particular.

Queen's sweet nod to Prince Philip wearing brooch with 'largest diamond ever discovered'

THE QUEEN hosted a range of billionaire businessmen at Windsor Castle on Tuesday evening along with Prime Minister Boris Johnson to mark the Global Investment Summit.

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HAIR always seems to become more knotty in the colder months...but why? And how do we solve the problem?

Meghan Markle '£26k' beauty routine could include affordable item - 'I swear it work'

MEGHAN MARKLE always looks flawless and in really good shape in all her public appearances. But what is her wellness routine?

'Sheer elegance': Kate Middleton dons all red outfit with £300 handbag for event in London

KATE MIDDLETON, Duchess of Cambridge, arrived at BAFTA this morning donning an all red outfit with matching tan accessories.

Queen wears blue suit and 'legendary' diamond brooch to meet business leaders at Windsor

QUEEN ELIZABETH II and Prime Minister Boris Johnson hosted a reception at Windsor Castle to mark the Global Investment Summit this evening.