Halo Infinite beta - New map to soften blow of Waypoint, update needed and pending issues

HALO INFINITE beta is running right now, but players have been hit with a host of issues at launch. The Waypoint website crashed while players have also been greeted with an update needed and pending error messages. Thankfully, a new map is heading to the beta which will soften some of these blows.

Jane Austen’s heroines used this equation to bag their Mr Darcys

MANY of Jane Austen's novels ended with her leading ladies marrying wealthy men - this is the equation they used to find them.

Elvis Presley 'made his girlfriend look in his dead mother's coffin'

ELVIS PRESLEY was very distraught by the loss of his mother, Gladys Presley. After her death, he made his girlfriend at the time look at her body in her coffin.

PS5 games rumours: Horizon Forbidden West delayed to 2022, State of Play in September

PS5 news round-up is today headlined by rumours surrounding the Horizon Forbidden West release date as well as the next State of Play broadcast from Sony.

When is next GAME PS5 restock? Time, date for August PlayStation 5 stock drop

THE PS5 could be available to buy once again at GAME soon. So when is the next GAME PS5 restock? What is the time and date for the next PlayStation 5 stock drop on the UK retailer's website?

November could be an incredible month for Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass

NOVEMBER could end up being an absolutely unmissable month for Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Series X.

Fortnite Rift Tour REVEALED - Times and dates for season 7 live event

FORTNITE fans will be getting a season 7 live event, with Epic Games announcing the first details on the upcoming Rift Tour. Here's the times and dates for the Fortnite season 7 live event.

Johnny Depp fans demand Amber Heard is sacked from Aquaman - producer responds

JOHNNY DEPP fans will not be successful in trying to "pressure" Aquaman 2 bosses into sacking the star's ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Alligator Loki ‘was pruned for preventing Avengers Endgame’ says much-loved new fan theory

ALLIGATOR LOKI was pruned for preventing the time heist in Avengers Endgame, argues a very popular new fan theory.

Vivo, Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'cuddly' animation about a musical monkey: More than just songs

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda brings his hip-hop infused show tunes to a new audience in this slick family animation about a musical monkey.

Review: Sir Ian McKellen in Hamlet at Theatre Royal Windsor

Given Hamlet has been played over the centuries by just about everyone from a 12-year-old boy to a 55-year-old actress there is no reason why he shouldn't be played by an 82-year-old man.

Hairspray UK Tour review: You can't stop the beat of this dynamite show

HAIRSPRAY UK TOUR REVIEW: 4 STARS. The classic crowdpleaser about 1960s rebel teen Tracy Turnblad raises the roof of the Southampton Mayflower Theatre higher than the Baltimore belter's towering hairdo.

Peter Kay announces live comeback shows in aid of cancer charity

PETER KAY has announced his return to the stage after more than three years away from the public eye.

Andrew Lloyd Webber could have to sell his theatres, including the Palladium

Andrew Lloyd Webber has warned that without urgent government support he could be forced to sell off his theatres, including the London Palladium. The composer spoke out after cancelling the opening of his West End musical Cinderella due to government isolation rules, which meant the entire cast had to isolate when just one of the company contracted Covid.

Hamlet review with Ian McKellen: Muddled with flashes of brilliance

HAMLET REVIEW: 3 STARS. Ian McKellen's Hamlet at the Theatre Royal Windsor is frustratingly muddled, despite flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately, there is something not quite right in this state of Denmark.

South Pacific review: vigorous and intelligent revival of a great musical

What an extraordinary musical South Pacific is! Written by Rodgers & Hammerstein in 1949, it operates on several different levels.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber CANCELS Cinderella: Blames 'Devastating decision' on Government

ANDREW LLOYD-WEBBER has cancelled the opening of his new musical Cinderella, which was due to premiere to full audiences this evening. He blames the government's "blunt instrument" coronavirus policy for the "devastating decision."

1960s nostalgia with Steven Dexter's Pippin – playing now at Charing Cross Theatre

American composer Stephen Schwartz wrote this musical in 1967 while still at college. Anti-Vietnam War protest was in the air, San Francisco was the place to be and 'hippie' described a youth lifestyle rather than physical dimensions.

Be More Chill review: A giddily glorious explosion of teen angst with real heart

BE MORE CHILL REVIEW: 4 stars. Surely the classic tale of high school angst and learning to be yourself has been done to death in musicals by now? Not if this neon-bright slice of exhilarating fun, based on the 2004 cult novel by Ned Vizzini, is anything to go by.

Bach & Sons review: Simon Russell Beale towers over latest Bridge Theatre premiere

BACK & SONS REVIEW: 3 stars. Simon Russell Beale towers over the latest Bridge Theatre premiere - but this show doesn't quite hit the right note.