Avengers Infinity War: Is Hulk or Thanos STRONGER? Writers reveal all

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR shows Thanos and Hulk fight but who would be the strongest without any Infinity Stones? The writers have the definitive answer.,

Captain Marvel: What is the symbol at the end of Avengers Infinity War?

CAPTAIN Marvel is said to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful superhero. But who is she? And what was the symbol at the end of Avengers: Infinity War? Read on to find out.

Pokemon Switch listed ahead of E3 2018, Nintendo fans take aim

A NEW Pokemon Switch listing has appeared before the game’s official reveal at E3 2018, and Nintendo fans have been showing their appreciation.

Everybody's Talking About Jamie star John McCrea: My 6 Best Albums

JOHN MCCREA picks the songs that move his head, his heart and his feet and occasionally blow his mind when he's not doing the same to audiences in London's West End in Everyone's Talking About Jamie...

Avengers Infinity War: What does post credit scene mean for Avengers 4 sequel?

AVENGERS Infinity War continues to be one of the most talked about Marvel movies to date. Fans are still reeling from the shock ending after being left heartbroken by their heroes' fates, but what does THAT post credit scene mean for an Avengers 4 sequel? Read on to find out.

Deadpool 2 deaths: Ryan Reynolds reveals only ONE character WILL return in X-Force

DEADPOOL 2 star Ryan Reynolds has revealed that only one of the characters killed will return in X-Force.

Deadpool 2 X-Men scene: What happened in X-Men cameo in post credit scene?

THE DEADPOOL franchise is renowned for breaking all kinds of unwritten rules, like the Marvel rule of always have a post credit scene. In the first Deadpool movie, they poked fun at the trope but in Deadpool 2, they took it to a whole new level, featuring X-Men cameos and a shocking twist. Keep reading for exactly what happened in that X-men cameo post credit scene.

Brooke Shields at 52: Back in a bikini 40 years after Blue Lagoon – Gallery and film clips

BROOKE SHIELDS looks incredible in a new bikini campaign, four decades after she filmed Blue Lagoon and this time she is owning her body: "I finally feel comfortable at 52."

Fortnite Battle Royale getting these new special items on PS4, Xbox, PC and Mobile

FORTNITE BATTLE Royale is still very much a work in progress, with Epic Games planning on adding a whole new wave of content in Season 4.

Deadpool 2 EXTENDED cut: 20 extra minutes include HITLER baby and shocking suicide scenes

DEADPOOL 2 director reveals he will restore 20 minutes of footage in the extended cut on DVD and Blu-ray. What about the two scenes cut for being too shocking?

Madama Butterfly review by William Hartston

Glyndebourne opened its 2018 Festival in glorious sunshine last weekend with an exceptional production of Puccini’s tragic Madama Butterfly. With its tradition of a 90-minute picnic interval, the sunshine is always appreciated, giving us a chance to enjoy the Sussex countryside in true luxury.

A Little Night Music: Review by Michael Arditti

In 1965, Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics to Richard Rodgers’s music for Do I Hear A Waltz? The show was not a success. Eight years later, renouncing further collaboration, he wrote both music and lyrics to a second waltz musical, A Little Night Music, which triumphed on both Broadway and in the West End.

Jane Eyre review: Northern Ballet Sadler’s Wells, London

CHOREOGRAPHER Cathy Marston doesn’t look for the easy way out. Created a couple of years ago, her version of Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte’s 1847 tale of love and rejection – is a complicated and gloomy reflection of the heavy price you pay for love in the Yorkshire Ridings.

George Benjamin and Martin Crimp’s Lessons In Love And Violence review

LOVE and politics do not mix. That is the clear message to be taken from Lessons In Love And Violence. The composer and librettist of the acclaimed Written On Skin return to medieval England in this dark tale of a king whose passion for his favourite courtier leads him to neglect his wife and country to the detriment of all.

Nightfall review: Bridge Theatre, London

PLAYS about modern rural England are rare. Aside from the grimly morose Gundog at the Royal Court we have to go back to 2005 for Nell Leyshon’s Comfort Me With Apples for anything reflecting the harsh reality of 21st century farm life.

Liza Goddard: 'I don't think I could handle the intensity of fame today'

ACTRESS Liza Goddard was born in England, but after her family moved to Australia, she landed the part of ‘Clancy’ Merrick in a new children’s TV drama called Skippy. Moving back to the UK in 1969, she became a TV regular thanks to the likes of Bergerac and Give Us A Clue.

Katy Brands 3Women: An important and timely play for feminism

KATY BRAND'S West End debut 3Women couldn't be more timely. "We're at a very important point in the history, the present and the future of feminism and the kind of world women want to make for themselves - and for men too," Brand says of her show, which centres around a young woman, her mother and her grandmother.

Vasily Grossman's Life And Fate review: A harrowing and beautiful performance

ALONG with Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago and Sholokhov's And Quiet Flows The Don, Vasily Grossman's Life And Fate is one of the few Russian 20th-century novels to stand comparison with their great antecedents. Grossman announced his ambition in a title that consciously echoed War And Peace.

Nightfall review: Predictable but truthful dialogue

BARNEY Norris is a miniaturist who aims to illuminate often neglected lives on the margins.

An Evening with Danielle de Niese review: A beautifully exquisite voice

The first chamber concert to be held at the renovated Queen Elizabeth Hall, An Evening With Danielle de Niese saw the celebrated mezzo-soprano as hostess and performer in an evening of Schubert plus songs by French composers Albert Roussel and Ernest Chausson.