Hamas denies allegation of having assets, investments in Sudan

The Islamic Hamas Movement denied an allegation that it has assets or investments in Sudan that were recently seized, according to a spokesman in Gaza.

The denial on Saturday by the Hamas, which has been ruling the Gaza Strip since 2007, came as media reports on September 23 claimed that Sudanese authorities in Khartoum seized assets and investments belonging to the Movement estimated at $1.2 billion, reports Xinhua news agency.

The reportedly seized assets belonging to Hamas include real estate, company shares, a hotel in Khartoum, money exchange offices, a television station, and more than one million acres of farmland.

"Hamas doesn't have any asset or investment in Sudan, nor does it have any problem with the Sudanese authorities," said Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem.

"The assets that were seized and mentioned in the media reports belong to ordinary Palestinian businessmen and investors in Khartoum, irrelated to Hamas and are not members of the movement," he added.

The Movement called for the intervention of the Sudanese government leaders to "stop this campaign against the Palestinians in Sudan by confiscating their properties, personal assets and money which they legally earned", reports Xinhua news agency

Hussein al-Sheikh, a member of the central committee of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas-led Fatah party, tweeted that the Sudanese government should bring the confiscated assets and investments to the Palestinian authorities.

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