Google Search adds daily word notifications on Android, iOS

 After previewing bigger changes in September, Google Search is now getting a notification feature that will help users to "learn a new word every day".

Acording to 9To5Google, one of Search's many built-in tools is a dictionary. Over the years, it has expanded to let users see definitions in different contexts/fields and learn how to pronounce with a visual tool, as well as the ability to "Practice" live using a microphone.

The latest capability will send a daily notification to learn new words and "some of the interesting facts behind them". Those tidbits come from the "Origin" section and "Use over time" graph.

When using the dictionary tool in Search on mobile, entries will show a "bell" icon in the top-right corner. It's similar to the one found on other Knowledge Panel topics.

The report said that Google is presumably not sending the same word notification to every Search user, but it would be amusing if it did to serve as a global touchpoint.

The mobile notification notes the word and definition, while a tap opens the full Search result.

The feature is available in the Google apps on Android and iOS, as well as the mobile web versions.

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